• Captain America
    Captain America #31 – War of the Captains (1)

    With Josiah nowhere to be seen, the responsibility of Bearer of the Shield returns to its original owner – or does it? Mysteries begin to unravel as Sharon probes a little deeper, and Sam does some digging of his own – Only for the vacuum of Captain America to be filled by an Unknown Hero – Read on for more mystery-solving antics in Captain America #31 – War of the Captains by Dino Pollard

  • X-Men
    X-Men #56 – Alpha & Omega (4)

    The Mystery Man closing in on Ecstasy finally strikes, alongside the long-awaited arrived of the X-Factor Initiative! Who exactly is their Inside Man, and what do the X-Factor Initiative want with the X-Men? Find out here, in X-Men #56 Alpha & Omega written by Dino Pollard.

  • X-23
    X-23 #3 – The Haunting of San Francisco (2)

    Something is Kidnapping Children in San Francisco, and that something is about to meet X-23, the All-New Ghost Rider, and their Unstoppable Animal Sidekick, Jonathon. Who or What is El Coco, and what connection does it have to the apparent doppleganger to X-23? Read on in X-23 #3 – The Haunting of San Francisco Part Two by Justin Santos!

  • Thunderbolts
    Thunderbolts #36 – All Hail The King (2)

    The heady mix of villains working and living together proves too strong for Blacklash and Bulleyes to resist, while Zemo continues to consolidate power as he moves ever closer to Control. Meanwhile, the Swordsman strikes with a definitively final and atomic response! Find out what this means for the future of MO in Thunderbolts #36, by Dino Pollard!

  • X-23
    X-23 #2 – The Haunting of San Francisco (1)

    Something is Haunting the Streets of San Franciso, but what are their connections to Laura? And who, or what, is the Ghost Rider of L.A.? Find out in the Second issue of Marvel Omega’s hottest new series, X-23, The Haunting Of San Francisco: Part 1: Leyenda Espanola by Justin Santos

  • Amazing Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man #38 – The Deadly Dozen (2)

    As the Sinister Six track down Drew, Spider-Man faces off against not one, but two Sinister Six’s! Just who is the Mysterious Tiger and what relationship does he have with Peter and Mary Jane? What dramatic turn will Mary Jane’s Pregnancy take, find out in the Second part of “The Deadly Dozen” by Tobias Christopher

  • X-23
    X-23 #1 – Disconnected

    The debut issue of X-23! Who is Laura Kinney? She certainly isn’t like any hero you know already! Who is her Father? How did she gain her powers, and where is she now she’s escaped the facility she was born in? All these questions and more are answered in “Disconnected” by Justin Santos!

  • Thing
    The Thing #12 – The Thing vs The Hulk – Prelude

    Ben Grimm continues his search for the Hulk, but is he working for, or against the Machinations of the Elders of the Universe and Aron, the Rogue Watcher? What happens when Grimm, and his partners, Red Wolf and Doctor Doom actually find the Hulk? Prelude to The Thing vs Hulk: Round 2 begins here! By Curtis Fernlund