• All-New Invaders
    All-New Invaders #2 – The Webs of Supremacy (2)

    Ward and Skye have betrayed the team! Can Fitz and Simmons rescue the Human Torch from the potential of Skye’s reprogramming? Can the Invaders reach the traitors to stop them from doing permanent damage? The team’s baptism of fire continues in “The Webs of Supremacy,” by Gavin McMahon!

  • Amazing Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man #37 – The Deadly Dozen (1)

    Peter Parker is navigating the roads of future parenthood! And what does Norman Osborn have planned for Drew Michaels? Nothing good, that much is for sure! Plus, Spider-Man is confronted by some of his, er, deadliest foes as “The Deadly Dozen” begins, by Tobias Christopher!

  • Astonishing X-Men
    Astonishing X-Men #12 – Black Magik (5)

    It’s the final battle between the X-Men and the hordes of Limbo–with the fate of Paris hanging in the balance! Plus, check out match-ups like M vs. Emplate, Cyclops and Phoenix vs. N’astirh, and Magik vs. Belasco! It’s the finale to “Black Magik,” by Hunter Lambright and Dino Pollard!

  • Defenders
    Defenders #22 – Hell’s Angels (4)

    Hell is coming to Earth, and only the Defenders can stop it! Can Daimon Hellstrom be counted among them? Or does he have his own agenda? Plus, Doctor Strange summons a council of hellish proportions! Find out what happens in part four of “Hell’s Angels,” by Dino Pollard!

  • Punisher
    Punisher #30 – Hunting Season

    It’s the Punisher and Chip Carter against Barracuda with the Punisher’s son’s life hanging in the balance! But can Frank stay in the game when Barracuda introduces twelve new, deadly players in the form of escaped murderers? Find out in “Hunting Season,” by Tobias Christopher!

  • Wolverine v2
    Wolverine #6 – After Death (6)

    Daken learns about the past while the Hulk and Wolverine team up against ninjas! But where undead ninjas go, can the leadership of the Hand be far behind? Plus, Shadowcat and John Wraith are hot on Logan’s trail! All roads lead to Japan in the finale to “After Death,” by Dino Pollard!

  • Young Allies
    Young Allies #6 – Fight For Your Freedom (4)

    Nomad is in the clutches of her brother and the World Party! But when they find her, Nomad is no more! Introducing…Master Woman! With the Bastards of Evil standing in their way, will the Young Allies be able to reach her in time? Find out in the conclusion to “Fight For Your Freedom” by Justin Santos!

  • All-New Invaders
    All-New Invaders #1 – The Webs of Supremacy (1)

    The All-New Invaders have assembled to take on modern injustice–this time in the form of National Force! Can the Allies get along with teammates who hail from the countries they fought against in the wars of the past? Plus, ultimate betrayal, and in just the first issue! Find out who and why in part one of “The Webs of Supremacy” by Gavin McMahon!

  • Amazing Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 – Gemini

    It’s time for the premiere of the Spider-Man movie! What? No, it’s not the early 2000s, it’s now in the Marvel Universe! Can Peter Parker make it to the premiere, or will he be waylaid on one of the most important nights of his career? Plus, check out the back-up stories alongside “Gemini,” by Tobias Christopher!

  • Araña: Heart of the Spider
    Araña: The Heart of the Spider #18 – Lack of Willpower

    Anya Corazon is missing, and the Spider Hunter has chosen a new host! Can Avispa pick up where Anya left off? Plus, now that Anya has the Mania symbiote, will she be able to control herself? Or will she bet set upon her friends? The issue title doesn’t bode too well for her in “Lack of Willpower,” by Justin Santos!