• Amazing Spider-Man
    The Amazing Spider-Man #39 – The Deadly Dozen (3)

    With tensions mounting to a head, just who is the Mysterious Tiger and what his connection to Spider-Man? What have the Sinister Six got against Mary Jane and Flash Thompson, and how exactly will Spider-Man face down two Sinister Six teams in a single day to protect his wife, and unborn child…who is rapidly approaching his own Birthday! Find out in Deadly Dozen Part III by Tobias Christopher

  • Avengers
    Avengers #46 – Ground Zero (3)

    The battle with the Enchantress and her followers intensifies, with Bloodaxe making his stand count! The Avengers face down some of their most challenging foes yet, right on Stark Soil! The Avengers recoil from a loss of one of their own and a denial of their help to save him! But what could be more important than a friend in need? “Ground Zero” concludes by Curt Ferlund

  • West Coast Avengers
    West Coast Avengers #14- Bridging The Gap (1)

    The New West Coast Avengers are about to be ratified but one Legacy Wacco isn’t happy about it! Will the tension between Citizen and Quicksilver create more trouble for the Avengers? Could it get any worse? Oh, Yeah! Prison Break! Find out more in West Coast Avengers #14 Bridging the Gap, by David Golightly

  • Defenders
    Defenders #23 – Hell’s Angels (5)

    The War for the fate of Heaven and Hell Begins…and Ends here! The Defenders take up arms against the Asura, facing down opponents from Heaven, and Hell, in their back yard – Avenging the Death of the Hulk, and more importantly, saving the world! But a mysterious re-emergence from a Defender is cause for Concern and highlights bigger battle ahead of them – All this in Defenders #23 – Hell’s Angels By Dino Pollard

  • Captain America
    Captain America #31 – War of the Captains (1)

    With Josiah nowhere to be seen, the responsibility of Bearer of the Shield returns to its original owner – or does it? Mysteries begin to unravel as Sharon probes a little deeper, and Sam does some digging of his own – Only for the vacuum of Captain America to be filled by an Unknown Hero – Read on for more mystery-solving antics in Captain America #31 – War of the Captains by Dino Pollard