Thinking about submitting a proposal for an available series here at Marvel Omega? Well…hold on a minute! There are some things you need to know first. There are guidelines for submissions, specifically a list of things you need to do first. They are as follows:

  • Before you begin writing your proposal, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the site and please check the dibs list to ensure that the characters you want to use are in fact available (if they are dibbed, contact the writers who hold those dibs). If you don’t, the editors will ask you to check with those writers first, so doing it in advance will save you time.
  • If a crucial character to your stories is dibbed, don’t worry. Again, check with the writer who holds the dib. If your plans and the other writer’s don’t coincide, then get creative. Necessity is the mother of all invention and you’d be surprised how simple it could be to substitute characters.

The following is a list of things which must be included in your proposal. If you don’t include these things, you will just be asked to do so, so again, save yourself some time.

  • An introduction explaining the basics of what you want to do with the series (this does not have to be long).
  • Complete cast of characters you want to use (including villains and guest stars).
  • Plots for the first twelve issues of the series (or however long your limited series will last). They don’t have to incredibly detailed, but there needs to be a clear indication of what’s going to happen.
  • A sample of your writing (a link to a story is fine).

Approval of any proposal is contingent upon its plots and concepts fitting into the Marvel Omega universe so as to not disrupt or contradict anything occurring or to occur in any other series. We take our continuity very seriously here! At our discretion we may also ask that you either write a few issues (at least one, possibly more) for Amazing Fantasy, our anthology title.

Usually, you will receive a response to your proposal within a week. However, please do not contact the editors regarding the status of your submission—we’re busy guys and as fanfic is just a hobby, sometimes it has to take a backseat to real life, but we will respond to every proposal we receive once we’ve had time to read over and discuss it. And don’t worry if you are initially turned down – we will work with potential writers to shape their proposals to fit better into our group.

If you’re not sure what to propose, scroll past the submission form for a list of titles we’d like to see at the site. Keep in mind that you are not limited to these titles—they’re just suggestions. You’re more than welcome to propose something not listed below.

The following are titles we are not looking for:

  • Alternate reality or Ultimate-style books – We are not looking for any other alternate reality or Ultimate books, with two exceptions. The first is regarding continuations of the currently open Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men titles, for which we will accept proposals. Beyond that, Ultimate books will not be accepted. Part of the fun of working for a site like Marvel Omega is writing within a shared universe. Besides, it seems a bit short-sighted to have, for example, an Ultimate Blade title if we don’t even have a regular Blade title. This rule also applies to “reboot” titles as well. Remember, if you’re going to submit a proposal for a book that relaunches a character with no adherence to past continuity, it’s still an Ultimate-style book, regardless of whether or not you include that tag. The second exception is regarding the open Exiles series, which we will also accept proposals for.

Please make sure to check the dibs list first – it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the group before you go working on a prop. However, also be aware that dibs can be flexible, so if a character you want to use is dibbed, don’t scrap your plans right off the bat—first, check with the writer(s) who has that character dibbed. You may be able to work something out.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask! You can submit all questions to the editor. To submit a proposal, please use this form:

Here are some suggested titles: